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Spray Insulation includes the direct application to exposed or concealed substrates of an acoustical or thermal barrier.

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1.      International Cellulose Corporation®, Houston Texas. K-13®, Ure-K®, Protek-13®, SonaSpray “fc”®

2.      Cafco®, Isolatek®- Sound-Shield®, Sound-Shield 30®, Sound-Shield 40®, Sound-Shield 85®, Heat Shield®

3.      United States Gypsum Company, USG® – Acoustical Plaster Finish®

Some of our clients include Richmond International Airport, YMCA’s, U of R, Federal Detention Facility in Petersburg, and Children’s Museum of Richmond.

Also for Acoustical Plaster our customers include: Presbyterian School of Christian Education, Country Club of VA, Ferry Farm Baptist Church



Spray Cellulose Acoustical Insulation. K-13 is the spray-applied insulation tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R value), noise reduction, color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics.


This product is ideally suited for a variety of acoustical applications, including complex contoured surfaces. This, noncombustible acoustical material is an excellent product for both retrofit and new projects, such as schools, churches, airports, libraries, hotels/ resorts, churches, airports, and other public buildings, where acoustical control is required.

USG Acoustical Plaster®

Exclusive, sound-rated interior texture finish for ceilings and non-contact surfaces applied over basecoat plaster, concrete, metal decks, and gypsum panels.
USG Acoustical Plaster Finish provides quiet elegance with enhanced acoustical properties to control interior sound levels for both work or living areas.


Ure-K is a thermal barrier approved as a building  interior insulation to delay the ignition and reduce the surface burning rate of low melting, combustible rigid spray-on polyurethane foam. Ure-K may be sprayed over foam in existing buildings or it can be used as a protective coating over foam in new construction projects as a combination system.


High traffic areas are often vulnerable to physical damage from personnel, machinery, birds and other sources. The tough resilient surface of Protek-13 resists abrasion and prevents the “picking away” of the fibers. This protection can greatly extend the useful life of the covered building materials.

Sonaspray "fc"®

SonaSpray “fc” is a spray-applied acoustical finish designed for a wide range of project types. SonaSpray “fc” provides an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and renovation projects.

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