firestopping in richmond va

Firestopping is the installation of passive fire protection to contain a fire in an area and to keep fire and smoke from spreading. Smoke and flames spread their way through a building very fast. Even the best active fire prevention systems like smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers, can be stop working because of loss of power, water pressure, or improper maintenance. The result can be devastating loss of property, business, and worst of all loss of life. Because “Active” fire prevention equipment can stop functioning when they are needed most, building codes now require the use of “Passive” fire prevention systems known as “Firestopping Materials”. Their purpose is to quarantine and contain a fire to the smallest possible area without the help of any secondary systems.

Some of our clients include Carillion, VA. Dept. of Taxation, VCU, VA Dept. General Service, Halifax Regional Health Systems, and State Corporation Commission.

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