Spray Insulation includes the direct application to exposed or concealed substrates of an acoustical or thermal barrier. It is applied to virtually any properly prepared surface configuration of wood, steel, concrete, glass, and other common construction surfaces. A popular type we used often is K-13...


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W. W. Nash Construction Co has the reputation as one of the leading contractors for Commercial and Industrial Firestopping services throughout the Virginia.

Firestopping is the installation of passive fire protection to contain a fire in an area and to keep fire and smoke from spreading. Smoke and flames spread their way through a building very fast. Even the best active fire prevention systems like smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers, can be stop working because of loss of power, water pressure, or improper maintenance. .

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vapor / ABRASIVE blasting

Abrasive Blasting includes the use of glass beads, garnet, walnut shells, coal slag “Black Blast”, corncob, aluminum oxide and other specialty grits conveyed by compressed air to impact a surface to remove paint, stains, foreign matter and to prepare the substrate for a new coating...

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Fireproofing / SFRM / IFRM

Fireproofing is the installation and application of insulating and fire resistant materials to steel, concrete, wood and/or foam substrates to provide a thermal barrier and or a known hourly rating to the item being protected. Normal application will be by spray, board (mechanical attachment) or trowel (hand).

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